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Sunday, November 23, 2014


Maxxe Sternbaum, Los Angeles, CA

Hello! I grew up and live in Los Angeles.  I cook for a living, and spend most of that on my three dogs :/...  This will be my fourth trip with Kat (Moloka'i, Peru, and India) and my 5th with the

HFH/Fuller Center organization (New Orleans Musician's Village).  These trips are some of my most important possessions.  My favorite part is the solidarity of the group... and the coffee in the mornings.  Im mad for travel, books, and dogs (animals).  And, I love my family.  The end!

Amanda Jennejohn,  Rochester, New York

Hi everyone!  I’m Amanda and I live in upstate New York. I am an elementary music and special education teacher. I have many interests and some include reading, hiking, and playing music. I also recently began practicing yoga. While I am very new at it, I really enjoy it! This past summer I spent a month traveling through Europe and it was an amazing experience. I am really excited about this opportunity to travel to Nicaragua and help the people of Las Peñitas! I look forward to meeting everyone in December.

Chris Erikson, Rochester, New York

Hello Everyone, I am Chris Erickson, 29 years old and a lifetime resident of New York. I currently work in building/construction trades as a Union Pipefitter. Outside of work I try and enjoy the great outdoors as
much as possible whether it be keeping busy on my small hobby farm, or hiking the high peaks of the Adirondack Mountains.   This will be my first official volunteer work, and I am very excited to meet new, like minded people on this journey. And of course to help the families of Las Penitas, Nicaragua.  

Carol DeNatale, New York, New York
Ben DeNatale,  Atlanta, GA

Peter DeNatale, Atlanta, GA  

 Hello. I’m Peter DeNatale, a thirteen year old boy, and I was born in Atlanta, GA. My greatest passion is flying. Yes, that’s correct. Flying. A small airport just a few minutes from my home is where I’m learning to become a pilot, which is what I hope to do as a career. A few other passions of mine are business, running, and helping people. Helping people is obviously helping other people, but you can also benefit from it as
well, and I have learned that in many ways. One of the ways is that this past summer, I helped my friend who is now fourteen years old and has been battling Osteosarcoma since March. During the summer my neighbor, Ava Castro who is also thirteen, and I founded the organization called “Fighting for C.” We raised a large amount of money (over $6,000) – at least for two thirteen year olds – and held a five kilometer race consisting of over 100 runners. I benefited from this by learning how to manage money, get the community together, and in many other ways. I will be traveling to Nicaragua with my aunt, Carol DeNatale, who is an amazing person. Three words that describe her personality perfectly are generous, kind, and hard-working. I feel very fortunate to have an aunt like her and I feel fortunate that she is taking me to this build. I’m super excited to be helping on this trip, and like I said before, I’ll learn from this as well. 

Joe McBride, New Jersey
I have led about 10 Fuller builds in Haiti and I wanted to get a sense of other sites.
My daughter Julie said
this was a good one. I have been volunteering since 2002 with HFH in NYC, Newark, 3 JCWP trips - AL, MI and Thailand, did about 10+ trips with another group in Tijuana, and most recently, working with Fuller in Shreveport, AC. Still not terribly skilled, but I can usually figure things out. I have been retired for 5 years now.