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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Meet the Team - Haiti

More to come...

Lexi DeNisi                                       Dennis-Yarmouth

Hello! My name is Alexis DeNisi, I am in 9th grade at Dennis-Yarmouth regional high school, home of the Dolphins. After I graduate in 2019 my goal is to continue my education at Harvard University, it's been my dream ever since I was little! Growing up on Cape Cod the ocean has always been my passion. I would like to study marine biology, and learn about different cultures around the world. I am a varsity volleyball player and a clarinetist! I'm am going on this trip to help the less fortunate but also for me personally to change the way I look at things. I am excited for this trip and can't wait for many more journeys with the fuller center.

Austin Anderson                               Yarmouth, MA

Hello! My name is Austin Anderson, I am a 9th grader at DY high school. After graduation, I do plan on continuing my education. I have been know for growing connections with anything living very quickly. I have a strong passion for horse back riding and chorus. My goal in life is to make the world a better place and help the best I can. Going on this trip will give me an experience I will not forget! I hope to be able to do more trips like this in the near future!

Katy Faust                                           Dennis Yarmouth, MA
My name is Katy and I am 14 years old. I currently am a nineth grader at DY high school and plan to further on my education. I have a passion for talking, whether its in front of a group of people or just to one person. I have an undying love for art, I enjoy creating it and viewing it. Going on this trip, I hope to not only take away from it but also to have it open new experiences in the future.

Francesca Barbi                                    Dennis Yarmouth, MA

Hello my name is Francesca Barbi and I'm 15. Playing all different instruments and making people smile are my two favorite things. My life goal is to be able to help anyone I can and learn a little about everything I come across. Going on this trip will not only be a experience for me but it will also be a chance for me to talk and educate others about what I have learned and experienced. I hope in my life I have more chances to make a change in the world I live.

Michelle Eiland                                           Randolph, MA

I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio but have also lived in Louisiana and Texas because of work. I am currently working as a bank examiner in the Boston area. I enjoy traveling, listening to music and volunteering. I’m excited to finally get back into volunteering. This will be my third build with The Fuller Center for Housing, having previously volunteered in Peru and India. I have also been on two builds with Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village in Egypt and Honduras. I look forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new friends.

Betsy Schwartz                                              Capitola, CA
  I was educated in Quaker schools, served in the US Peace Corps for two years in Guatemala from 1963 to 1965, and worked 25 years as a middle school counselor with migrant Mexican children. I live in Capitola, California and retired in 2005
My passions lie in service travel and bike riding everywhere in the world. I have participated in one Earthwatch project in South Africa, two bike rides to help bring peace to the Middle East, and seven prior Habit for Humanity builds in different areas of the world: Kenya, Dominican Republic, Paraguay, Thailand, New Orleans, Mongolia, Jordan and the USA. Last year I did my first Fuller Center build in Sri Lanka.

I have ridden by bicycle all over the world except for Antarctica. My most recent bike ride was August 2015, in England with a group called Cyclist for Cultural Exchange. There were cyclists from nine different countries.
I enjoy travelling and spending time with my partner, Cliff, and also spending time whenever possible with my three sons, their wives and my six little grandchildren.

Christopher Sliney                           Los Angeles, CA

Christina Todd                                  Hyannis, MA

Christina is excited to be part of her first volunteer trip abroad. She is passionate about learning from the people around her and helping improve the lives of others. Christina has been involved in several local community service projects on Cape Cod. Becoming an educator has not only given her the opportunity to continue he joy for learning and discovery but her compassion for others. Many of the students and families she works with are from hait, and she is very happy to be able to experience the culture and have the change to reach out to those in the community of PIgnon.